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Holidays Greece

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Locals pricing - Shhh don’t tell the tourists but locals do ​get bettter prices. As locals in Greece, we access ​exceptional locals pricing which we share with our ​customers. Put us to the test today.

Customer service - We are responsive and friendly and ​guarantee your Greece getaway is outstanding ​exceptional.

Experience - 20+ years experience in Greece’s travel ​and tourism industry. Our expertise runs deep granting us ​access to insider knowledge, tips and hacks that we share ​with you.

Network - Our extensive network includes renowned ​brands as well as family-operated establishments.

Concierge - You are never alone. You will have our ​operations team on your WhatsApp who are ready to ​assist with anything you may require during your journey. ​Yes, you deserve a personal Greece concierge!

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why choose us?

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We live in greece. it’s likely ​we’ve been to the place you ​want to go. local’s tips, ​locals pricing and 20++ ​Years of experience

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Church wall in Kos island, Greece

DMc ​Services

Maximise ​your Greece ​bookings

Discover the unparalleled expertise of our destination ​management company (DMC) service catering to tour ​and travel organizations worldwide.

How we help boost your Greece bookings:

Experience - With over 20 years of industry experience ​in Greece, we have a proven and reliable supplier ​network that covers all travel related services.

Responsive - Personlized itineraries in 24 hours, not ​days or weeks.

Locals Pricing - Our negotiated hotel rates are locals ​pricing. We consistently beat the major sites.

No Deposit Needed - In many cases, we don’t need a ​deposit to secure amazing hotel deals.

Our promise is that before others even respond to ​the enquiry, you will be taking a deposit.

Whether it's arranging a complete itinerary, ​accommodation, organizing transportation and activities, ​or curating bespoke tours, we ensure that every aspect ​of the customer’s journey exceeds expectations.

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personalized ​itineraries

Personlized itineraries

We consult with our customers to build a personalized ​Greece itinerary for them in hours, not days or weeks. ​The itinerary matches their uniqueness, their required ​number of days, budget and expectations.

Some examples of our recent ​personalised itineraries

athens and greek islands​

Honeymoon itinerary

girls getaway in greece

gay group getaway gre​ece

non-touristy it​inerary

Cultural greece i​tinerary

Please email and mention ​Personalized Itinerary to start your journey to Greece.

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Greek ancient sculpture

plan your ​greece ​getaway ​with us

greece itinerary planning

Step 1 - get in touch

Email and let us know you’re interested in coming to Greece and send us an overview of who’s travelling, your wish list and ideas.

step 2 - 2 levels of service

Free - Liaise over email with us to help choose the destinations and days per destination for your entire trip.

Professional - $199. Meet us in an online Teams meeting. This is a consultative process where we focus on your Greece wish, your individual requirements and what you want to achieve and experience in Greece.

step 3 - we create a

personalized travel plan

We use our access to local deals and pricing to prepare the perfect Greece itinerary for you. Before you can say "2 souvlakia with extra garlic sauce," we will send you a personalized travel plan/itinerary with transfers, hotels and activities all included. We review and amend it together to make sure it ticks all the items on your Greece wish list.

Step 4 - we make the bookings

Sit back and let us make all the bookings for you. We will send you confirmations once the bookings are made. Typically 20% is required as a deposit to secure all your bookings.

Online Mobile App

app technology option

Optional service $150. Let us upload your itinerary and important travel documents to an App. You can access it on your favourite devise while travelling.

Have fun in greece

Welcome to Greece! When you are in our beautiful country, we will be on hand to assist with anything that you may require.

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tour ​finder

The over 40s Greece tour finder - a free service

You found a Greece tour you want to go on, ​BUT:

  • The dates do not line up with your preferred ​dates.
  • You are over 40 and the tour you found ​includes party going 20 something years olds
  • The number of tour days are less or more than ​what suits you
  • The number of people on the tour is too high ​and you want a smaller group.


Please email and ​mention Tour Finder in the email and we will send ​you a questionnaire which starts the process.

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what others say about us

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”My extended family and I have used Monobrow Holidays Greece on several occasions for our Greece travel planning and bookings. As a travel professional myself I appreciate the attention to detail and amazing execution Monobrow Holidays Greece takes to ensure every detail of our trip runs smoothly.” Jamal Omran

“On behalf of the ladies on the Santorini escape tour you created for us, I wanted to thank you for making the trip memorable and adding those special Monobrow Holiday moments for the ladies and myself.” Enrica Centeramo

“The itinerary was very well thought out providing the best of culture, leisure and beaches. Lots of knowledge on varying activities and interests. The Monobrow team were very supportive and easily contactable.” Joseph Sirianni

“Had a fabulous time in Greece - Theo was able to accommodate all our wish list from time out time to full on cultural overload and threw in some local knowledge only magic. We so want to come back soon.” Ony Roubin

“My family and I relied on Theo and Thansis for our Greece holiday and we could not be happier with the experience. Everything ran smoothly and having them in Greece meant we could rely on them to attend last minute changes for us.” Eleni Spiridonos

“I have relied on Monobrow Holidays for several trips to Greece and have been extremely happy with the service provided. The local knowledge and insights provided by Thanasis and Theo added to the overall amazing experience in Greece." Alexander Zachary.

Lefkada, Greece.


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Monobrow Holidays Greece

Tel: Greece +30 695 5168125

Tel WhatsApp +30 695 5168125


Monobrow Holidays Pty Ltd

Australian Company Number 669848622

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This Privacy Policy ("Policy") sets out how Monobrow Holidays Greece (owned by Monobrow Holidays Pty Ltd ABN 51 669 848 622), ("we" "our" or "us") and related bodies corporate protect the privacy of your personal information.

We need to collect, use and disclose your personal information in order to perform our business functions and activities, including making and managing travel bookings on your behalf. We are firmly committed to protecting the privacy and ​confidentiality of personal information and to maintaining various physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect personal information in our care.

By providing your personal information to us (either directly or allowing another person to do so on your behalf), you agree that this Policy will apply to how we handle your personal information, and you consent to us collecting, using and ​disclosing your personal information as detailed in this Policy. If you do not agree with any part of this Policy, you must not provide your personal information to us. If you do not provide us with your personal information, or if you withdraw a ​consent to use that information you have given under this Policy, this may affect our ability to provide services to you or negatively impact the services we can provide to you. For example, most travel bookings must be made under the ​traveller's full name and must include contact details and appropriate identification (such as passport details). We cannot make bookings for you without that information.

There may be instances where your local data protection laws impose more restrictive information handling practices than the practices set out in this Policy. Where this occurs, we will adjust our information handling practices in your ​jurisdiction to comply with these local data protection laws.

Personal information has the meaning given under your local data protection law. Personal information generally means information which relates to a living individual who can be identified from that information, or from that information and ​other information in a person’s possession, including any expression of opinion, whether true or not, and whether recorded in material form or not, about an identified or reasonably identifiable individual, and any indication of intention in ​respect of an individual.

Generally, the type of personal information we collect about you is the information that is needed to facilitate your travel arrangements and bookings and to arrange travel related services and/or products on your behalf. For example, we ​may collect details such as your name, residential/mailing address, telephone number, email address, passport details, information about your dietary requirements and health issues (if any), and other details relevant to your travel ​arrangements or required by the relevant travel service provider(s) (such as travel or accommodation or tour providers).

We will collect personal information directly from you unless it is unreasonable or impracticable to do so. Generally, this collection will occur when you deal with us either in person, by telephone, letter or email.

We will disclose your personal information to certain overseas recipients, as set out below, which we will do in accordance with your local data protection laws.

In cases where the information is transferred to the overseas recipients located in a jurisdiction, you will not be able to seek redress under your local data protection laws and may not enjoy an equivalent level of data protection as in your ​jurisdiction. To the extent permitted by your local data protection laws, we will not be liable for how these overseas recipients handle, store and process your personal information. By providing your personal information to us for the purpose ​of booking and otherwise arranging travel related products and services for you, you consent to our disclosure of your personal information to these recipients for that purpose.

In providing our services to you, it may be necessary for us to disclose personal information to relevant travel service providers. The relevant travel service providers will receive your personal information in the country in which we will ​provide the services to you.

We may also disclose your personal information to third parties located overseas for the purpose of performing services for us, including the storage and processing of such information. Generally, we will only disclose your personal ​information to these recipients in connection with facilitation of your travel booking and/or to enable the performance of administrative and technical services by them on our behalf.

You are entitled to access any personal information we may hold about you in accordance with your local data protection laws. Where personal information we hold about you is not accurate, complete or up-to-date or the information is ​irrelevant or misleading, you may ask us to correct that personal information, and we will respond to your request within a reasonable time. We reserve the right to confirm the identity of the person seeking access or correction to personal ​information before complying with such a request. We reserve the right to deny you access for any reason permitted under applicable law. If we deny access or correction, we will provide you with written reasons for such denial.

You must always provide accurate information and you agree to update it whenever necessary. You also agree that, in the absence of any update, we can assume that the information submitted to us is correct, unless we subsequently ​become aware that it is not correct.

If you have any enquiries, comments or complaints about this Policy or our handling of your personal information, please contact your consultant or contact us at:


Last updated on 24.07.2023

Discover the Best of Greece with Our Premier Destination Management Company (DMC) Services

Welcome to Monobrow Holidays Greece your trusted Greece Destination Management Company (DMC). We specialize in crafting unforgettable travel experiences tailored to your unique needs. Whether you are planning a corporate event, ​a group tour, or a luxury vacation, our expert team is here to ensure your journey through Greece is seamless and extraordinary.

Why Choose Our Greece DMC Services?

As a leading Greece DMC, we offer unparalleled expertise and local knowledge. Our dedicated team of professionals is passionate about showcasing the best that Greece has to offer, from its stunning landscapes and ancient history to its ​vibrant culture and exquisite cuisine. Here’s why our Greece DMC services stand out:

  • Customized Itineraries: We design personalized travel plans that cater to your interests and preferences, ensuring every detail is taken care of.
  • Local Expertise: Our in-depth knowledge of Greece allows us to provide insider tips and exclusive access to hidden gems.
  • Comprehensive Services: From transportation and accommodation to guided tours and event planning, we handle every aspect of your trip.
  • Exceptional Support: Our team is available 24/7 to assist you throughout your journey, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience.
  • Sustainable Tourism: We are committed to promoting responsible and sustainable tourism practices, ensuring that our impact on local communities and environments is positive and minimal.

Explore Greece with Our Tailored DMC Solutions

At [Your Company Name], we understand that every traveler is unique. Our Greece DMC services are designed to offer flexibility and customization, ensuring your trip is perfectly aligned with your desires. Whether you are seeking ​adventure, relaxation, or cultural immersion, we have the expertise to create an itinerary that exceeds your expectations.

  • Corporate Travel: Impress your clients and colleagues with professionally organized corporate events, conferences, and incentive trips. Our Greece DMC team can handle everything from venue selection and logistics to entertainment ​and team-building activities, ensuring a seamless and memorable event.
  • Group Tours: Enjoy seamless group travel with our expertly coordinated tours, perfect for families, friends, or special interest groups. Our Greece DMC services include detailed planning and coordination, so you can relax and enjoy the ​journey without any hassle.
  • Luxury Vacations: Indulge in the finest accommodations, gourmet dining, and exclusive experiences for a truly luxurious Greek getaway. From private yacht charters to bespoke wine tours, our Greece DMC team can arrange it all.
  • Cultural Experiences: Immerse yourself in the rich history and traditions of Greece with our curated cultural tours and activities. Explore ancient ruins, visit world-renowned museums, and participate in local festivals and traditions, all ​expertly arranged by our Greece DMC specialists.

Discover the Wonders of Greece

From the iconic ruins of Athens to the idyllic beaches of the Greek islands, Greece is a destination that captivates the heart and soul. Our Greece DMC services ensure you experience the very best of this enchanting country.

  • Athens: Explore the ancient wonders of the Acropolis, stroll through the charming Plaka district, and enjoy the vibrant nightlife. Our Greece DMC services can include private guided tours, exclusive access to historic sites, and ​reservations at top-rated restaurants.
  • Santorini: Marvel at the breathtaking sunsets, pristine beaches, and picturesque villages of this world-famous island. Our Greece DMC experts can arrange for luxury accommodations, private boat tours, and wine tastings at local ​vineyards.
  • Crete: Discover the rich history, stunning landscapes, and delicious cuisine of Greece’s largest island. Our Greece DMC services can include guided hikes, culinary tours, and visits to ancient archaeological sites.
  • Mykonos: Experience the cosmopolitan flair, lively nightlife, and beautiful beaches of this popular destination. Our Greece DMC team can provide VIP access to nightclubs, reservations at exclusive beach clubs, and personalized ​shopping tours.

Exceptional DMC Services for Every Traveler

At Monobrow Holidays Greece , our Greece DMC services are designed to cater to a wide range of travel needs and preferences. Whether you are a solo traveler seeking adventure, a couple looking for a romantic getaway, or a family ​planning a fun-filled vacation, we have the perfect solution for you.

  • Adventure Travel: For thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts, our Greece DMC services offer a variety of adventurous activities such as hiking, diving, sailing, and more. Explore the rugged landscapes and crystal-clear waters of Greece ​with our expertly guided tours.
  • Romantic Getaways: Celebrate love and romance with our specially curated packages for couples. From honeymoon packages to anniversary celebrations, our Greece DMC services include everything from intimate dinners to private ​sunset cruises.
  • Family Vacations: Create lasting memories with your loved ones on a family vacation to Greece. Our Greece DMC services include child-friendly activities, family-friendly accommodations, and fun-filled itineraries that cater to all ages.

Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

At Monobrow Holidays Greece , we are committed to promoting sustainable and responsible tourism. Our Greece DMC services are designed to minimize environmental impact and support local communities. We work with local partners ​who share our commitment to sustainability, ensuring that your travel experience is both enriching and responsible.

Contact Us for Unforgettable Greece DMC Services

Ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime? Contact [Your Company Name] today to start planning your perfect Greek adventure. Our team of experts is here to provide you with exceptional Greece DMC services, ensuring your trip is ​everything you’ve dreamed of and more.